Many of you are asking what to wear, great question!!! Since I have 4 dresses and still haven't chosen which one to wear - I totally get it. 


The Welcome Dinner at Lola's Friday September 12th is casual. As my mother would say, "that does not mean jeans with holes in them". Just saying. Khaki pants, polo shirt, sun dresses, pretty pants, shorts, skirts, etc. I am most likely wearing a fun top, dark jeans and outstanding shoes. 


The Wedding is "Vineyard Formal" although it is a sheep farm, fun dressy clothing is encouraged. You can always remove your jacket and take your tie off after dinner. I will be wearing a long dress. Fun, festive, formal. 


By the "after party' which starts at 10pm, I will most likely be changing to something more comfortable. 


Although we have heaters, if needed, you may wish to bring a sweater for later in the evening. We are right on the water in an open field.  


Hope this is helpful. 


See you soon.